“Kurti-07” sh.pk was founded in 2007 with residence in Rinas, with 10 years of activity in the field of construction works, excavation, sewerage works, territorial adjustments of green areas, works in the field of water supply, supply of aggregates, construction materials and transport types item. Our company is known for all kinds of construction works as well as the excavation and filling, adjustments and developments of green areas.
Strands of works administrator “Kurti-07” Ltd in construction works, excavation, greenery, sanitation departed in the early ’90s. Also administrator together with some other employees of the “Kurti-07” from 1998 until 2004 were part of the maintenance sector of the green zone at the airport “Mother Teresa” JSC under the Albtransport
In 2007 Mr. Urim Kurti based on his experiences and persons who creates works limited liability company “Kurti-07”.

Our economic unit based on the personal experiences of each person staff ingredient continues to walk at higher rates in the sector operating in the capacity offered and the speed of implementation of works contacted.
Work on “Kurti-07” focus on a solid relationship of confidence and partnership with all affiliates and customers. “Kurti-07” care for the interests and welfare of all. The company helps customers and partners including successes and achievements constantly. Continued progress, contemporary projects as well as advanced development programs, ensure a sufficient motivation for all staff.
“Kurti-07” with skilled staff and a high number of machinery and equipment owned by it, is one of the companies that competes successful market segment in which it is centered.


We build projects with high quality and high standards to the benefit of customers, our associates, as well as the community.

We believe that employees are the most valuable asset of our company. The successes and achievements of the values of dedicated expertise, professionalism and commitment. We offer an excellent system of motivation, as well as care for the continuous staff training.
We are guided by the principle of integrity in the way of working qualitatively, the deadlines laid down and conformity of laws. Customers, associates and the community at large consider us as a reliable business partner for work protecting the interests respected.

We take care to apply strict security plans for our employees and continuously monitor their safety risks of fieldwork. We respect the technical procedures on Health, Safety and Environment and use rigorous security outfits and signage on site.
Kurti-07 provides services and high quality products. We work in the interests of consumers and the development of our associates. We care that our activities respect the quality standards. We take care of the employees, their health and safety in the workplace. We respect the highest standards of safety, as well as training activities and provide an excellent system for compliance monitoring of various security levels.


  • Building Materials
  • Excavation Works
  • Sewerage Works
  • Territorial and Green Areas Adjustments
  • Grit Supplies
  • Transport